Buds of Prophecy

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Love is Not All You Need

Missing Piece

Learn from Ploni how to find your happily-ever-after…

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Tool For Anxiety

Here is a quick & effective tool to practice the next time you need to de-escalate your anxiety. It is culled from powerful Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) methods and traces a path up and then back down the ladder from the physical realm, through emotions, to the intellect and back again!

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Jewish Meditation

Over Hanukkah 2011, The Shalev Center held a 3-day silent meditation retreat in the heart of Jerusalem. It was deeply moving and transformative. Participants experienced silence, interlaced with singing as well as teachings and meditative techniques from Kabbalah and Chasidut. Spirituality made practical, affecting and transforming our lives. Facilitators were Rabbi Hillel Lester, Rabbi Daniel […]

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Babel’s Daughter

One woman’s journey from the Bible-Belt to the Holy Land….In this electric show, Chaya shares her cosmic, sometimes-comic, always-poetic, spiritual journey from the Mississippi Delta to the hills of Jerusalem. The show is entertaining and inspirational as well as interactive, offering a synthesis of spoken-word performance with audience-engaged self-exploration.This show shows you Israel. This show […]

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Psychology of Tashlich

Utilizing the ritual of tashlich to clear out negative impediments which stand in the way to accessing personal power and our Divine aspect within. From here, true responsibility (response-ability) and clear choice can then follow.

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