4 – Day Retreat Experience Juice Cleanse

4 days in magical Tsfat for a deep cleanse and realigning for the new year. Join me, Nechama Shaina and Reva Emuna Seidel for transformative teachings, meditations and some seriously life changing experiences!#newyear#vibrancy#health#bodyandsoul SPACE IS LIMITED!Beautiful villa in Tzfat.https://www.villatiferet.com/  This will be a mind, body, heart and soul reset.Through therapeutic technique in expressive art Dream workDeep […]

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Solving Family Conflict

Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.  – George Bernard Shaw Quarrels. Spats. Estrangement. Infidelity. Abuse. Divorce. Broken hearts. Broken homes. Family conflict is heartbreaking for a parent, and even more damaging to our children. Innumerable academic and clinical experts tell us […]

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Finding the Bayit Floor: A Two-Step Technique for Getting Grounded

When we embark on the lifelong journey of raising a family, we know there will be moments of anger, tension, and sadness. It’s inevitable – but it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With the right coping mechanisms, negativity can be dealt with and, in time, transformed. Jewish sages teach us that […]

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The Bayit Walls: Building Up Healthy Boundaries

“Love thy neighbor, but don’t pull down your hedges.” -Benjamin Franklin In the first article in this series, I shared some of the wisdom we can learn from the Hebrew letter, beit (ב). Our sages teach us that the letter beit sounds like bayit, the Hebrew word for house or home. It also looks like one, with a wall, roof, […]

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Anchoring Upward: The Bayit’s Ceiling

Anchoring Upward: The Bayit’s Ceiling  Acknowledging a higher power is one of the greatest skills, talents, and resources we have in building our homes. As we work to build the sturdy structure of our home, it is essential to look to the ceiling above us, and all it represents. The ceilings of our homes are our protection […]

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On A Wire: A Psychotherapist’s Secret to Overcoming Fear

Fear is a notoriously thorny challenge to overcome. After all, it is the human brains’ most ancient response; a deeply wired, fundamental reaction that has evolved over eons with the very admirable goal of protecting us. The fight-or-flight operating system is so embedded in our neurobiology that it is a wonder it doesn’t control us […]

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Escaping the House of Bondage – Breaking the Bond of Abusive Relationships

“The hardest part of being in an emotionally abusive relationship is actually admitting you’re in one.” ― Anna Akana “My ex was my Exodus.” Sarah summed it up succinctly one afternoon at the end of an exhausting two-year saga of leaving her abusive husband with narcissism. Sarah had been enslaved for 10 years and did not […]

Silencing the Inner Judge

Meet Hannah. It is Rosh Hashanah lunch. The table is impeccable, full and expectant. The guests are many, varied and very hungry. The 10 children (or maybe more, she just lost count)  are auspiciously absent for an (admittedly blessed) split-second. So, post-Kiddush buzz, Hannah takes the opportunity for a satirical monologue. She bangs her fist on […]

Broken Body Issues

Most women have long been socialized to believe that if we don’t look good, we aren’t good. And so we sacrifice feeling good about ourselves for that futile holy grail of looking good to others.  And modern media assaults us with the most unapologetic messaging about just how good we have to look. It is no wonder that statistics […]

A Formula for Defeating Depression – Noah’s ARC

Anna was drowning. She crumbled into the couch before me in a familiar wash of tears, “I got fired… again… I just couldn’t get out of bed. They finally fired me. And I don’t blame them. Why would anyone not fire me?” Her despair was slowly engulfing every living inch of her existence. I listened, […]

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