Circleworks – Facilitator Training Level III

November 23, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Shalev Center
Be'er Sheva St 43
Chaya Lester


This is a closed group.
For information on the next Circleworks training series, contact Chaya Lester (, 054-691-8226)

What is Circleworks Training?  

The three levels of training include:

Level One – Tools, language and curriculum development
Level Two – In-depth group dynamics and sensitivity traning
Level Three – Advanced level group leadership with supervision

The goals of the full training are:

A) To develop a thorough ‘behind-the-scenes’ understanding of what goes on in the circle work groups.
B) To acquire a powerful curriculum for using in your own practice and future women’s circles.
C) To gain a heightened awareness of one’s own inner-group actions, reactions & interactions.
D) To emerge as a capable facilitator of CircleWorks groups, able to create a space for participants’ personal growth through group process (all of this within a supervised framework).

The program includes:

1.) Crucial readings from Irvin Yalom’s “The Theory & Practice of Group Psychotherapy” and other relevant materials on group dynamics, group therapy as well as the synthesis between Judaism and psychology.
2.) Committed participation & note-taking during circle work group.
3.) Starting in Level 2 there will be homework writing assignments. These will focus on a careful analysis of what the trainee has learned through her own participation & observations of the group.
4.) Intensive one-on-one meetings with Chaya to discuss important learning points and your personal progress.
5.) After the initial training period of all 3 levels, the trainee will ideally get the chance to facilitate her own group, while working in weekly supervision.
Restricted to those with past experience in therapeutic settings and/or prior participation in “Circle Works” for at least 4 months.

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