Online Dream Workshop

Online Dream Workshop with Chaya Lester.

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Workshops and Retreats

“Creating a structured and nurturing environment within which to go deep” Retreats & Workshops: Upcoming programs include: Couples Workshops, Circle-Works Women’s groups training & certification course, personal growth retreats, meditation retreats, day-long women’s workshops at the Dead Sea and an array of workshops revolving around improving relationships, exploring Jewish holidays and issues of personal calling. […]

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Current Weekly Classes

“Integrating transformation into our lives” Ongoing Classes: We provide classes that are experiential and exercise-based. Examples include: Weekly Meditation classes, Personal Growth & Development classes, Relationship classes and Bibliodrama. Men’s & Women’s Groups: These ongoing groups offer an uncommon blend of personal exploration, spiritual growth, support, therapeutic growth work, communication skill-building and the creation of […]

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Workshops & Retreats

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Upcoming Events


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