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“Creating a structured and nurturing environment within which to go deep” Retreats & Workshops: Upcoming programs include: Couples Workshops, Circle-Works Women’s groups […]

Therapy Center

“When I understand myself I will understand everything – the world, life – until my understanding reaches the very Source […]

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“Integrating transformation into our lives” Ongoing Classes: We provide classes that are experiential and exercise-based. Examples include: Weekly Meditation classes, Personal […]

Shalev Center

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, The Shalev Center is dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. We provide authentic Jewish frameworks to explore and create deeper and more meaningful relationships with oneself, with others and with God. We offer a unique array of classes, workshops and retreats as well as caring individual and group therapy. Our mission is to inspire you towards and accompany you on your next step of growth.


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